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Classic MassageClassic Massage

Treat yourself to one of our Classic Massages and you’ll be bouncing around like a beach ball at the cricket.

Indian Head & Neck MassageIndian Head & Neck Massage

Depriving your head and neck of our Indian Head & Neck Massage should be a crime

Thai MassageThai Massage

Want to be flexible like that guy from the Fantastic Four?

Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue Massage

Performance enhancing deep tissue massage that will leave your opponents asking for your secret

Pregnancy MassagePregnancy Massage

Carrying one of life’s greatest gifts isn’t always easy, let us help to make it easier with a Pregnancy Massage


You want answers? You've come to the right place.

Receiving a massage is all about you; it’s a reward for your mind and body to help you get through life with more bounce, or spring (if you like). Our objective is to provide you with a service that meets your needs and we’re confident that once you experience the ease and convenience of one of our massages, you’ll be happier than a kid in a sweet shop (I think they’re called Tesco’s these days!).

To help ensure you are relaxed and ready to receive one of our fabulous massages when the therapist arrives, we’ve pulled together a load of frequently asked questions (and answers too).

If your question is still not covered please feel free to ask your own here and we’ll get back to you quicker than Jack Bauer ever saved the world!

I’ve never tried a Mobile Massage before, I normally just go to a Massage Spa or Treatment room – what are the benefits of a Mobile Massage?

While everyone has their own preference, we believe the ideal massage consists of four key elements:

  • Warm, safe and comfortable environment – what could be more comfortable than your own home or location of your choice!
  • Location that is most convenient for you without wasting your time travelling and ensures you can still fulfil your other responsibilities
  • Time that suits you rather than you trying to arrange your life around the only slot available at the treatment room
  • A qualified therapist who treats you with the care and respect you deserve.

Receiving a massage is all about you; it’s a reward for your mind and body to help you get through life with more vitality. Our objective is to provide you with a service that meets your needs and we’re confident that once you experience the ease and convenience of one of our massages from our fantastic therapists, you’ll wonder why you never tried it before.

Isn’t it more expensive to have the therapist travel to see me?

Surprisingly no! As you will see on our ‘Pricing’ page we offer massage at a very reasonable 50pounds per hour which is competitive if not cheaper than most onsite massage treatment/spa facilities.

Pssst! And the best bit is that after your massage is complete, you don’t have the stress of heading back outside and navigating your way home - undoing the therapist’s good work!

Why did you choose ‘Spring Massage’ as the business name? Does that mean you only operate for three months of the year?

While there is a rather long and detailed answer to this common question, the simple truth is all the cool names were taken already!

How do I know you guys give good massages?

Ultimately anyone can talk a good game about how amazing their massages are - the only way you’re really going to find out is if you have one. If you don’t like it you’re not going to have another are you? We don’t want you to have just one massage, we want to build a relationship with you that lasts longer than your second marriage.

May I request a particular therapist?

Yes, you are welcome to indicate your preference for a particular therapist as we understand that massage is a very personal treatment. Please bear in mind however, that our therapists are very busy travelling all over London and in some cases a particular therapist may not be available. Don’t worry though, all of our therapists are fantastic at what they do and qualified in their treatments so we will make sure we find a suitable replacement.

How quickly can your therapist visit me?

As we are a new business and still ironing out a few teething problems (it hurts but it’s the truth!), the earliest a therapist can visit you is the day after you book (ie. you can book today for tomorrow). Our therapists are based all over London and wherever possible the therapist located closest to you will be assigned your booking. This saves them travelling across London unnecessarily, helps to ensure they arrive on time and reduces our carbon footprint.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life can be busy so you may no longer be able to receive the massage at the time originally requested. However we do need to ensure our wonderful therapists are paid, so if you need to change the booking within 4 hours of the appointment time we reserve the right to not issue a refund for the missed booking.

If there is someone else available to receive the massage at the address originally provided, our therapist would be more than happy for them to take your place - beware however this may result in you experiencing a nasty case of the green eyed monster.

If you cancel a booking more than 4 hours in advance of the appointment we will return the full cost of your treatment to you, minus a £5 administration charge. Rather than cancelling the booking completely we recommend altering the appointment to a more convenient day/time – please see the FAQ answer number below for details on altering a booking.

Altering a booking

If your plans change and you need to alter your massage booking, the simplest way to reschedule your appointment is to email us ( There is no charge for altering the date and time of a booking more than 4 hours in advance of the appointment. If the appointment is less than 4 hours away we may charge the full cost of the appointment, as it could mean our therapist has missed out on another booking.

Please note - when emailing us to request a booking alteration please provide the following information (Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Current booking date and time, and finally your requested new booking date and time*). As soon as we have rescheduled your booking we will email you back with a confirmation. *Please ensure your requested new appointment time is at least 4 hours away.

What happens if the therapist arrives late?

While our focus is on providing a fantastic and punctual therapist to provide you with a rejuvenating massage, sometimes transport in London is unreliable and will cause our therapist to arrive late. We will keep you informed of the situation if your therapist has been held up and of course we will happily extend your massage to ensure you receive every minute of massage you deserve.

I’m running late can I delay the start of the massage appointment?

If the massage appointment starts late due to a delay on your part (regardless of how imaginative your excuse is!), it may be necessary for the therapist to shorten your treatment accordingly. Wherever possible the therapist will try to make sure you receive the full treatment.

Is there anything I need to consider before the massage starts?

There are a couple of things we suggest you do before the therapist arrives, so that your massage can begin as quickly as possible and you are comfortable at all times:

  • Firstly please consider where in your house/hotel you would like to receive the massage and make sure there is adequate space for you and the therapist. While it is up to you, we recommend a quiet area where you can relax and avoid distractions.
  • Secondly please try and establish a suitable room temperature. Usually this will be a few degrees warmer than your room would be normally. If you do feel cold during the massage, please let your therapist know.
  • Lastly, all that we request you provide are a few clean towels. Usually it is good to have one underneath you, one to cover the parts of your body that are not being massaged and many people like to have one to rest their head on.
  • What types of oils do your therapists use?

    Our therapists will normally bring at least a couple of different massage oils with them, so that you can advise which one suits you best. If you have any allergies, please let your therapist know before the massage begins and where possible please include a note in the ‘message’ field when booking online. A rash would be a terrible outcome following a massage.

    How do I pay for the service? Do you accept credit cards?

    Whoa that’s two questions - don’t forget to give the other kids a chance! Please provide cash to the therapist after you've enjoyed your treatment. Unfortunately we cannot accept credit or debit cards at this time.

    Could I visit you?

    We specialise in the provision of mobile massage therapists, if it is not convenient to have one of our therapists visit you we recommend one of the many London massage companies that have treatment rooms available. For example you could try and get in to see Danielle at Covent Garden.

    Does a 90 minute booking really mean 90 minutes of massage?

    Yes definitely! Regardless of the length of your booking, our therapists’ goal is to provide you with maximum value for your money in the form of an excellent and lasting massage that doesn’t leave you feeling short changed.

    I would like to split the session with my wife/partner/husband

    Yes, you may split the session. Because we admire your generosity you will not be charged anything extra, only for the therapist time that you book and you may even receive a little extra time just for being so kind.

    If I would like to extend the length of the massage session, may I do so?

    Yes naturally we’re keen to provide you with all the massage you desire so you may ask the therapist to extend the session. Please keep in mind this does of course depend on the therapist’s availability. Sessions can be extended by 30 minute blocks at a cost of £25 per block. In the event you do extend the session, you will need to pay the therapist for the additional time in British pounds sterling at the end of the massage. We’re sorry we’re unable to accept payment in any other currency or format at this time.

    What should I wear when receiving a massage?

    For a full body massage many people prefer to keep their underwear on, while others prefer to undress completely - please do whatever makes you most comfortable. For our Thai Massage we recommend you wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.

    Am I expected to tip my therapist?

    While we try to ensure our therapists are well rewarded for their efforts, we understand that some customers like to show their appreciation for an excellent massage with a tip - like all tips this is completely at your discretion.

    If you don’t wish to provide a tip but would still like to show the therapist your appreciation, then please feel free to email us with your feedback and we will make sure the therapist receives your accolades.

    Should I talk to the massage therapist during the massage?

    This is totally up to you. Many people like to completely relax and enjoy the massage, while others like to chat and get to know our therapists a little better.

    What should I do if I’m not enjoying the massage?

    Please be sure to speak up if you would like the therapist to change the massage in anyway. The therapist is there to provide you with a massage to suit your specific needs, if you are not happy about something the therapist would prefer you tell them straight away so they can correct it for you, rather than leave you at the end of the session feeling anything less than happy and completely relaxed.

    What do I do if I thought the whole thing was rubbish?

    Naturally this is entirely up to you. Of course we would appreciate it if you would contact us directly (phone, email, carrier pigeon - whatever works for you) to let us know about your experience with us so we can firstly try and rectify the situation and secondly so we can try and ensure we do better.

    While we all know EVERY company says they want negative feedback to try and improve blah blah - you, me and the mouse living under the stairs all know firsthand that some companies just don’t give a damn. Hopefully you wont have a bad experience with us but if you do - please give us a chance to prove we do give a damn.

    What if I get aroused during the massage?

    While this could be a touchy topic, the truth is - it’s not. There is no reason for you to feel flustered or uncomfortable, this is a completely natural and relatively common reaction from both men and women during a relaxing massage - our qualified therapists won’t let it distract them from completing your massage.

    I hate it when a therapist touches the back of my left knee!

    If you don't want the therapist to touch a certain part of your body, please just let your therapist know (explanation not required!) and they will happily focus their time on other more appreciative parts of your body.

    Can I get a ‘Happy ending’ with my massage?

    Short answer – No, long answer – still No. Our therapists are decent, friendly, professionals and this is not a service that they provide. Please don’t make a fool of yourself by asking for one, if you’re after that kind of service we suggest you look elsewhere as we don’t wish to have any disappointed customers ; )

    Is it safe to have a massage while pregnant?

    Receiving a massage after the first trimester is perfectly safe and can provide some much needed relief from the strains of pregnancy. During the first trimester or if your pregnancy is regarded as high risk we require you to provide written approval from your doctor.

    Ensuring your comfort during one of our massages is always our highest priority and this remains the case for our extra special pregnant customers. Our ‘Pregnancy Massage’ is designed for expecting or new mothers and we have therapists that are specifically qualified in pregnancy massage. Please include a note in the ‘Message’ box when booking online to let us know if you have any specific requirements.

    Dizzy, I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning, like a whirlpool...

    Like that infamous pop song from 1969, after your massage you may feel a little dizzy, have a slight head spin and experience some muscle soreness, although we’re pretty certain there won’t be a whirlpool.

    This can occur because a massage is like a superhero for your body - designed to give those bad boy toxins hell. Don’t worry as our therapists will be sure to complete the job properly. They definitely won’t allow any tragic repeat performances - if only the music industry was so reliable!

    Floor, Bed, Table - What’s the go buddy-o?

    Ultimately this comes down to the individual preferences of our therapists and your choice as a customer. We’ve specifically recruited some therapists that will only work with a treatment table as well as other therapists who don’t mind either way and will typically massage clients on their bed or floor.

    If you have a particular preference please include a note in the ‘message’ field when completing the online booking form to ensure we can send a correctly equipped therapist.

    Contraindications – Safety precautions to consider before booking a massage.

    Certain medical conditions require the exercise of caution concerning the advisability of receiving massage. If you are in any doubt or are under medical supervision we request that you check with your doctor or other qualified medical practitioner before receiving massage therapy. This advice applies particularly in the case of cardiovascular conditions and heart disease.

    What time of the day are the massage therapists available?

    Our therapists are able to visit you to provide massage treatments anytime between starting as early as 7am and finishing as late as 11pm, every day of the week. Please note that sessions cannot start any later than 9pm as we need to ensure the therapist is able to travel home safely on public transport.

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